Remediation Services

SB Enterprises, Inc. provides a wide range of remediation services in the industrial, commercial, industrial, and residential areas ranging from asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, mercury and PCB’s. SBE can provide these services under turnkey methods, serving as the eyes and ears of our clients from first stage design to last stage completion. Our employees’ rigorous training in EPA, OSHA, and IDPH Training Protocol help to ensure reduced liability exposure to our clients.

OUR ASBESTOS ABATEMENT services includes removal of all forms of asbestos-containing materials such as:
• Pipe and boiler insulation
• Water tank insulation
• Floor tile
• Sprayed-on fireproofing on docks and beams

OUR LEAD-BASED PAINT MITIGATION services include removal of all forms of paint on surfaces such as:
• Interior building components
• Exterior building components
• Metal surfaces such as tanks, pipes, and bridges

SB Enterprises specializes in mold remediation, particularly in interior-occupied areas where exposure to airborne mold spores can lead to a number of unhealthy respiratory conditions. SBE can assess the presence of mold visually, then with specific mold sampling media and equipment to determine the extent of contamination. Our qualified and experienced remediation team will employ mold inhibitor techniques to remove mold from the surface and any that may have penetrated to the substrate.

SBE is also uniquely qualified to provide remediation services that include
• Mercury clean-up and removal
• PCB clean-up and removal