Asbestos Investigations

The purpose of an inspection is to thoroughly access, test, and document the existence of asbestos-containing materials in order to comply with the EPA, AHERA regulations in so far as they include the inspection, sampling, analysis, and physical assessment according to our scope of work and AHERA guidelines. The inspections involve all areas within each building, including but not limited to the following areas: Ceilings and walls in hallways, classrooms, offices, mechanical and storage rooms, areas beneath buildings, pipes and mechanical areas, and maintenance areas. The inspection also included looking for and touching all suspect friable materials, including surfaces behind suspended ceilings and non-permanently concealed areas which may be entered during normal maintenance and repair. For purposes of this inspection a friable material is regarded as any material applied on ceilings, walls, structural members, piping, duct work or any other part of the building surfaces which, when dry, may be crumbled, pulverized or reduced to a powder by hand pressure.

Once the information is compiled, the results are documented in customized reports detailing building description, asbestos locations, regulatory classification, quantity, condition, as well regulatory identification. Sample and material location maps, regulatory identification charts, abatement cost estimates, and photographs are frequently included. SBE will make recommendations as to how to best handle an asbestos issue based on cost, client goals, future renovation or demolition plans, if any, and the condition of asbestos materials.