Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Plans

A major component of successfully managing a residential or commercial building today is comprehensive, user friendly O&M Plan. To comply with the current OSHA regulations, an O&M Plan is a necessity. The O&M Plan should be designed to manage materials in place and should be specifically detailed to the affected site. The O&M Plan should highlight work practices and procedures directly relating to conditions in the building and should include the following: surveillance programs, notification programs, work controls, work permit systems, worker protection programs, work practices, record keeping, and training.

SBE provides economic site specific O&M Plans, the objective of which is to create a practical management plan for the control of potential sources of airborne asbestos fibers in a building. The program objective is achieved by:

• Informing personnel involved in maintenance, janitorial, or renovation actives of the locations of asbestos containing materials (ACM) within a building;
• Familiarizing workers with the hazards associated with exposure to airborne asbestos fibers;
• Training workers to handle asbestos containing materials (ACM) properly;
• Providing appropriate personal protection and adequate engineering controls for activities that may disturb asbestos containing materials (ACM); and,
• Maintaining documentation for all activities involving asbestos captaining materials (ACM) in the building.

In addition to being user friendly, we design an O&M Plan to dynamic so that as changes in the building occur, the O&M Plan will evolve to reflect and accommodate those changes. SBE encourages clients to perform periodic building inspections, to help our clients maintain their vigilance, we often advise them of pertinent regulatory changes.