Asbestos Project Design

When plans call for demolition and/or renovation that will affect asbestos containing materials (ACM), the asbestos must be abated prior to the commencement of the renovation and/or demolition activities. SBE will develop site specific specifications for such abatement which will include the following:

• General Project Information
• Bid Forms
• Submittal Requirements
• Scope of Work
• Work Area Preparation
• Documentation Requirements
• Negative Pressure Requirements
• Removal Procedures
• Protective Equipment
• Area Decontamination Procedures
• Air Monitoring
• Quality Assurance (QA) Inspections
• Clearance Criteria
• ACM Disposal

All project design specifications will also specify designated work periods, housekeeping requirements, security issues, unit pricing, insurance requirements, etc. Drawings of areas to be effected may also be included. For small scale projects, mini-specifications can be developed focusing on a limited scope of work.

To provided maximum client protection, all project design work will be performed by an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified Project Designer and all specifications must be written in strict accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.