Asbestos is one of the most common overlooked environmental issues encounters on a property. How to most economically deal with asbestos issues, while at the same time maintaining regulatory compliance without the risk or liability, is frequently debated.

SBE performs all asbestos related consulting functions, including asbestos surveys (limited and/or comprehensive), asbestos project design specifications, air monitoring and abatement project oversight, training classes, and the development of Operations & Maintenance plans (O&M plans.)

SBE approach to the asbestos issue is focused on understanding the needs and goals of our clients, while educating and advising them of current federal, state and local regulations. Effective, economical decisions are them developed balancing the client’s goals with applicable regulations.

States mandate accreditation for asbestos related activities. SBE’s personnel are accredited in all states which we perform service. We have conducted asbestos surveys for clients throughout the United States and are cognizant of the variations in environmental regulations from state to state.